Shrewsbury Arms (Oxton)

Time for some pub grub

This time out we will delve in to something that is well and truly British… Pub grub. You know as well as I know that as soon as you become of certain age in Britain (18) it becomes a necessity to visit your local pub for a few jars of your favourite beverage, or several in many British pubescent bingers case. Needless to say that I was (and probably still am) one of these people, however when you reach a certain age and it becomes cool to visit pubs for slightly less ale and you start to forget the juvenile tendencies where every type of food is disgusting and your palette starts to broaden… queue… PUB GRUB.  A match made in heaven, much like chicken and bacon, these two things just go hand in hand.

Now it was Sunday morning and the hour of noon was fast approaching, my partner and I had reached the pinnacle of adulthood, meaning chores for most of the morning. Sharing the responsibilities of the vast amounts of ironing that had amassed over the week, tidying up and even a spot of lawn mowing. Winner! An undertone of smooth fm in the background sparked the idea, we both looked up and had already subliminally decided that we were going to pay a visit to the local pub for a spot of lunch. Behold the Shrewsbury Arms (Oxton).

‘The Shrew’ lies in the epicentre of Oxton Village in Wirral and it lies on the mid point of a gradual gradient. We have visited ‘The Shrew’ on numerous occasions and frankly I really quite like the place. With quite a spacious interior accompanied with an excellent outdoor space (beer garden) as you can see the pub is very easy on the eye. It has a very relaxed feel and has utilised fully the boom of the industrial interior decor. There are a lot drinks on offer, I assume to cater for the needs of the village’s trendiness, forget ‘Thug life’ it is all about the village life. These include wines, spirits and numerous beers and ciders… Happy days.

The menu in ‘The Shrew’ isn’t what we as brits have become accustomed to, I mean don’t get me wrong there are a few dishes nestled in the menu what we have come to expect, bangers and mash, steak and ale pie and various meats ‘from the grill’. Throughout the menu there are lashings of european trendiness: moules frites and Cesar flatbread. In this case these are the two dishes that we chose, me, more so perhaps at random rather than habit. I felt that this would not be sufficient enough for my overwhelming rotundness, so i ordered a steak special… a rump steak and chips light bite. Yes there is such thing as a steak light bite, apparently. Overall I was quite satisfied with the meal and the afternoon that we had. The Cesar flatbread as per usual was very good and was made even better with the addition of chicken and pruscuitto. Supported by fries and ramekin of BBQ sauce clearly was an uncontroversial lunch time choice. Steak and chips was everything you could expect and satisfied the meat cravings, at least until dinner time anyway. Moules frites on the other did not amount to greatness. The mussels themselves were ok but the bisque sauce that they were swimming in was not very ‘bisquey’. The whole dish was somewhat underwhelming. It wasn’t a complete disaster and I feel that based on historic visits I could have made a better choice. It seems as though everything I had eaten here before had given me great expectations and perhaps the fact that these were not reminiscent of the ones that I had indulged in across the continent.


If the weather is nice and you feel the need to wet the whistle then I would definitely recommend ‘The Shrew’ I would also recommend majority of the menu. The food is very well priced and for under £30 three meals came to our table of good size. The staff that work there are very friendly and I cannot find fault with the service at all. The selection of beverages that are available make this pub a centripetal hub in the heart of a quaint, trendy village that serves up a tasty and broad range of food. The decor is amazing and I love how relaxed you can be there.

I would probably give this pub a 7/10

Industrial decor on the rise
Food for Two

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Jack Mason

I am a rugby playing food adventurer. A larger than life waistline, a huge appetite. Based in the north west of England (Wirral and Liverpool) bringing you my experiences and opinions.

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