The Sunlight

As this blog returns after a lengthy absence I will attempt to shed some ‘sunlight’ into the gloomy autumnal evenings that are drawing in. This instance, my partner in crime and I visited a British bistro style restaurant on the verge of Port Sunlight and Bebbington in the Wirral.

So let me set the scene, it’s a Sunday afternoon, we are child and hangover free, and as many of you reading will appreciate, we have some home improvements to make and It seems as though these have been put on hold for an age. We get up have breakfast, see some relatives off, get ready, and decide to hit the home stores. All going well so far… the clock strikes one and the hunger sinks in. ‘I know’ she said ‘let’s go to The Sunlight’, so off we went. Upon arriving at the restaurant we were greeted with a grand piano along with a very attentive host who lead us to our table. The decor in the restaurant was mainly based around black furniture and walls that gave off a very luxurious feel, I questioned the decor as I thought it was a contradiction of the restaurants name ‘The Sunlight’ but needless to say it was presented very nicely and oozed elegance.

So as I said it was Sunday so there was a set menu priced very nicely indeed. 15 pounds for 2 courses and 18 for 3 courses. With it only being a lunchtime we decided to both have a starter and a main course, who am I kidding I did try to push for a dessert but ultimately it was her choice to skip the pudding. With the hunger having asserted itself we swiftly made our choice – Thai fish cakes and Camembert, onion and fig tart to start and posh fish and chips and a double cheese burger from hell. I had the tart and without a doubt it was magical, I was moved. The saltiness of the Camembert along with the sweetness of the onion and figs was balance perfectly and filled me with joy. Severed on a crisp shortcrust tart base, accompanied with a side salad of fresh salad leaves. Job number one done.

Next I sampled the Thai fish cakes and I quite enjoyed them as well. They were served with a sharp mango salsa and again a fresh side salad. I felt that the fish cakes tasted great but I would have liked a bit more texture. The fish cakes had very delicate fish inside them which kind of flaked away when trying to eat them but this wasn’t enough to disappoint.

Moving on swiftly to the main course and the overwhelming indulgence of a Sunday menu lacking any real healthy options to satisfy cravings I chose to eat the ‘posh fish and chips’ and my partner opted for a double cheeseburger from hell, as aforementioned. The fish I had was superb in taste, shrouded in a beer batter that was both light and crisp, encompassing a delicate, moist piece of fish. My only qualm was that it wasn’t overly large and had a bit of an odd shape. Coupled with some thick, hand cut chips, that were to die for, some delightfully minted mushy peas which gave the dish a lift from a seaside classic to a restaurant ready plate. Finished with a home made pot of tartare sauce left me feeling some what accomplished. The burger from hell, as I’ve aptly named it, was a monster! Two beef patties nestled inside a fresh bun with all the trimmings we have come to expect from most burgers and perhaps the worlds biggest pickle on the top of the burger. There was no need for a sauce as the burger was oozing with juices and both patties were beautifully pink. Again served with hand cut chips, this dish was a winner. Would recommend to even the most die hard of burger fans.

To conclude then, The Sunlight is somewhere that I would regard highly and urge anyone in the local area to visit. I think the food and atmosphere are great. There are a few things that I would change though, the young waiter, bless him, in his somewhat robotic approach and the fact that the restaurant is called The Sunlight with the decor being slightly dark a luxurious. I think it would benefit from a little natural light and some lighter colours in the decor. A must try and I think that it would be fantastic for an occasion. Safe to say I left happy and will return with haste.